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Image Credit: Artsteps featuring Klatch: PLUG

Artsteps is a global web multiplatform for creating and navigating 3D Virtual Exhibitions and Spaces, with highly interactive and stimulating storytelling capabilities. Easily integrated directly into every website, virtual exhibitions and pavilions become portable around the world. Once exhibitors and visitors become registered users in Artsteps, they appear as avatars and have the ability to communicate through chat or by leaving a comment within each exhibition.

Our moto: Design — Create — Explore — Participate — Share

With VR real-time and advanced digital social networking features our platform becomes an unforgettable virtual experience. Our audience is unlimited and is aimed to creators-of-all-kind. To mention some:

· Museums, galleries, collectors

· Artists & Creators (amateurs and professionals)

· Collaborative Learning and Tutoring

· Commercial exhibitions — VR Pavilions

· Socializing storytelling

Creating an Artsteps Virtual Exhibition

Image Credit: Artsteps

Τhe platform is extremely user-friendly and requires no specialized technical knowledge. Within a few minutes users can import and exhibit any type of digital content, providing the visitors with innovative experiences of digital access to knowledge and content. Navigating the exhibitions is done using a computer, smartphone, and tablet or VR goggles.

Artsteps has already created a vast, world-wide social network of participants, who have created and published tens of thousands of virtual exhibitions online.

Image Credit: Artsteps featuring Icebow Designs

Given the need to reduce the crowds physically present at major exhibitions, the platform has begun to emerge as the most appropriate virtual equivalent to fully support the organization and operation of commercial, academic, and art exhibitions, especially when it becomes difficult or impossible in the physical space.

How Organizations Have Used Artsteps

Taco Bell — Private Space

First ever Taco Bell virtual art show through Artsteps Private Spaces, a pro service with premium features. Each space has its own domain in the form of <space_name> The owner can invite other users by sharing a registration code. Exhibitions published within the same space are only visible by the members and can also be published in with the owner’s permission. According to each need, Artsteps customizes the space and provides specialized features to reach each customer’s goals. In the case of Taco Bell, a link was added in each artifact which connected to an auction site in order to bid on each artwork to raise funds for America’s youth and help them pursue their educational goals and career aspirations.

Image Credit: Artsteps featuring Taco Bell

“Since we couldn’t host our annual art show in the office, we hosted it in this virtual gallery instead. All proceeds of the sales go towards the Taco Bell Foundation and we raised over 7k! Thank you to everyone who participated and made the art show one to truly remember!”, Taco Bell Design said.


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, created a virtual exhibition on Artsteps showcasing the winners of its first-ever Youth with Refugees Art Contest. The contest encouraged young people aged 12–25 to reflect creatively on the theme: “Everyone counts in the fight against the virus, including refugees.”

“As countries went into COVID-19 lockdown, young people asked us how to help UNHCR while staying at home,” said Pauline Eluère, who leads the initiative for UNHCR. “We launched the contest to inspire them to use their creativity for a good cause. And we figured that a great way to bring their messages to life would be to animate some of their artwork.” View the exhibition here.

Image Credit: Artsteps

Artsteps is today a pivotal tool of live interactive communication with advanced digital social networking features. “We aspire to become a global ecosystem in which the virtual is freely configured and adapted by its own users according to their real desires, needs and interests.” Artsteps team said.

Visit Artsteps site and become part of an expanding community where only imagination sets the limits.

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Artsteps is an innovative, simple to use, web-based environment that empowers its members to create exhibitions by designing realistic 3D spaces